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Tassos February 29, 2008 08:16

Macro command combatibility ANSYS workbench
Hello, I'm trying to execute a file from ANSYS multiphysics v.9.0 commands (points, lines , areas) which has a command line , in ANSYS Workbench v.9.0 but I cannot see any command line. Can anyone tell me please if this is feasible? I am only interested in the geometry. How can I execute (is it possible?) the commands to ANSYS Workbench and how is the command line appeared? I have tried to change the extension from .log (or .mac) to .js which is the files Workbench can read but in vain, because workbench doesn't recognise it.I have worked in past with ANSYS multiphysics but I am a beginner in ANSYS workbench. Thank you

CycLone February 29, 2008 10:35

Re: Macro command combatibility ANSYS workbench
Hi Tassos,

You can insert a command object in the Simulation object tree. Pre-processing objects need to be added to the geometry or pre-processing part of the tree, whereas post-processing macros should be added in the solution folder.

Note that you cannot add commands to build geometry as you would in the old ANSYS interface. For that you should use your CAD system or DesignModeler. Similarly you cannot insert commands for meshing, which is handled by Simulation.

What is it you are trying to do? If you explain it there may be another, easier way to go about it.


P.S. While there are ANSYS FEA literate people on this forum, you may have more success at

Tassos February 29, 2008 11:02

Re: Macro command combatibility ANSYS workbench
CycLone thank you very much for your help. Just for clearing out, what I want to do is to represent a geometry and NOT to mesh it. I have the command file created by the initial software of the manufacturer of this geometry that was working well in the ANSYS multiphysics, but Workbench has tool abilities that I need in order to "edit" the geometry. I must though insert the command file to Workbench directly since, multiphysics is not an option any more. Thanx again for the xansys link as well...

satheeshNTU January 13, 2014 00:46

Need guidance to write macros in ANSYS workbench
Hi all,
In my project, i want to extract the linear and shear strain from more than 100 points and also for different load values. It takes me more than 3 hours to extract the values manually using probe. I think that any one can help me with this issue?. Some told me too try on Macros in ANSYS and some told me to insert the probe on all the points. Pls give me the best option. so that i can save the time.

Thanks & Regards,
S.Satheesh Kumar

ghorrocks January 13, 2014 01:35

You will have to decide which is best, but this sounds like it can be done easily using monitor points in the solver, or using a session file in CFD-Post. You might also be able to use a point cloud to define all your points in CFD-Post, then export the data you need using the point cloud as a location.

satheeshNTU January 13, 2014 04:03

Thanks Ghorrocks, Shall u explain me about that point clouds? How to use them in ANSYS as i am a beginner.

ghorrocks January 13, 2014 05:19

Fire up CFD-Post, load a file and try adding a point cloud yourself. It is pretty straight forward and it will take me longer to write about it than for you to just do it yourself.

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