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amine March 4, 2008 18:37

larger blend factor or high resolution ?

i've read on the tutorial that to get a good result ,i should use a blend factor of at least 0.75 or high resolution,which is more accurate the high resolution or the blend factor of 0.75,if it's the high resolution which value of the blend factor would be more accurate than it.


Glenn Horrocks March 4, 2008 20:14

Re: larger blend factor or high resolution ?

Problem dependant. For some simulations the high res scheme does not work too well. High res looks at the local variable field and estimates the amount of second order it can use to minimise over/undershoot. This works pretty well for compressible flows with shock waves and the like but not so well for simulations with buoyancy.

Glenn Horrocks

Rogerio Fernandes Brito March 4, 2008 21:28

Re: larger blend factor or high resolution ?
I think that you must make a comparison with experimental data! Untill nowadays, i could take good results with cfx11 (or 5.6) on heating conducting problems. At least, with tetra mesh. i WILL still test hexa mesh.

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