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Novak S. J. Elliott March 5, 2008 07:09

FSI Functionality: CFX/ANSYS vs Adina
Hi all,

I may have the opportunity to do some fluid-structure interaction (FSI) work using either CFX/ANSYS or Adina. Do both of these codes have comparable features for solving FSI problems, or does one stand out? e.g., solving fluid and solid equations simultaneously versus iterating for coupled convergence, non-linear elasticity, etc...

I've used CFX and Fluent for pure CFD purposes but have not used either since they were bought by ANSYS.

cheers, Novak.

danny261083 August 30, 2013 11:11

This looks like a very old post but I can answer it. To my knowledge, CFX has a stable FSI solver. A segregated solver is used since the flow domain is solved using a finite volume scheme while the structural domain is solved using finite elements. I am not sure about strongly coupled problems involving large structural deformations. Besides, the stability of FSI for Fluent/ANSYS has been improved since version 14. Given this, I would still recommend using ADINA since it is the most stable and can handle non-linear materials with large deformations without much hassle.

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