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Kushagra Mittal March 5, 2008 16:21

multiphase problem having oil droplets

What multiphase models in CFX-11 should I think of to simulate deoiling hydrocyclones? The feed water will have different size of oil droplets.

Some one has suggested me to use MUSIG model but I am wondering what might be other choices, if any? And what are the challenges, difficulties, or merits of MUSIG in CFX?

Thanks a ton for sharing your experience with me.


Glenn Horrocks March 5, 2008 17:35

Re: multiphase problem having oil droplets

Is a lagrangian model appropriate? If it is then you can model the droplets as whatever size distribution you like.

Glenn Horrocks

KK March 5, 2008 17:42

Re: multiphase problem having oil droplets
Thanks Glenn, But I think Lagrangian will not include coalsence and breakup of oil droplets.

By the way, I was using Lagrangian for solid particle tracking after my fluid flow field was establsihed. But very surprisingly, all the particles were reported at the bottom outlet of my hydrocyclone. (even for the particles of 4 microns.)

Do you have any idea why it might be happening? Is it possible because I am not including solid-solid interactions ? Other people have simulated the same in FLUENT with one way coupling and it gave them good results.

THanks very much. :_)

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