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VVJ March 6, 2008 12:06

Hypersonic flow cases!!!!
Hi friends, whether cfx predicts hypersonic flow cases??

I have tried, but the results obtained were not matching with the experimental results.

May be, there were some mistakes also. That is why this question I have posted. Kindly share your ideas.

Thanking you.

Glenn Horrocks March 6, 2008 17:38

Re: Hypersonic flow cases!!!!

CFX does not model plasma physics. If significant gas dissociation occurs CFX will not be accurate. It can model supersonic flows up to significant dissociation, however.

Glenn Horrocks

HekLeR March 6, 2008 21:19

Re: Hypersonic flow cases!!!!
Unless you type in the dissociation physics, i.e. input the and solve the chemistry as well as type in appropriate CEL for transport properties, as well as appropriately modify the wall BC..

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