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Young March 10, 2008 15:38

Radiant Floor
Dear Friends,

I would like to simulate a radiant floor which water tube(heat source) is embedded in a concrete slab.

As you know, it might need two domain, fluid (tube) and solid(slab).

I'm not sure how do I handle the inferface condition.

Boundary condition is as follows;

Top surface (contact with a space Heating Load=100W/M2) ********************************* * * * @ @ tube * * @ @ Slab * * @ @ * *********************************

All solid surface except the Top Surface, they are adiabatic condition.

In the case of the space heating load is 100 W/M2, I wonder whether it is assigned to tube interface or top surface.

Here my question,

1) How do I handle the interface domain?

Whether Tube Surface(Fluid surface) is liked all wall surface (Solid Domain) or tube surface is just liked top surface.

2) How do I assign the heating load? Tube surface or top surface

I'm just want to know the temperature distribution on top surface and water exit temperature.

Thanks your Concerns.


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