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yliu March 14, 2008 04:50

How to modify the cfx5mkext.ccl
Hi guys My system is RHEL5.1 X86_64. I want to use intel_fortran_compiler for the CFX in linux. But the default fortran compiler used for CFX11 is the pgf90 or g77 in linux. How to modify the cfx5mkext.ccl to use the ifort as the default compiler?

Thank you!

OS: linux amd64 cc = gcc fc = pgf90|g77 ld = ld ext build cflags = -fpic ext link ldflags = -shared FORTRAN: pgf90

# maybe we shouldn't use -Msecond_underscore?

ext build fflags = -fpic -Msecond_underscore -g77libs

ext link ldflags = -shared -fpic -g77libs

# PGI 6.2 or later

# ext link ldflags = -shared -fpic -g77libs -Bstatic_pgi END ATTRS: double


FORTRAN: pgf90

ext build fflags = -fpic -Msecond_underscore -g77libs -i4 -r8



error message = Double Precision builds are only supported \ using the Portland Group compiler under Linux. If you have this compiler \ installed already, ensure that it is in your PATH.


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