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krecki March 24, 2008 16:04

Head pressure loses problem.......
Hi all. I'm new in CFX :):) Could you advise me please how should i set my BC to work out the head pressure loses in my simulation? I have a valve geometry inside simulation and have tried to set transient type of simulation. My initial boundary condisions were set all for zeros ( pressure , velocity) and my inlet pressure was set to 1000[Pa] , Outlet was set to 0[Pa], reference pressure was set to 0[Pa] . With BC set like that my results didn't capture any pressure drop on inlet side. It was constantly 1000[Pa] thru the 30[s] period which i set in transient simulation with 1[s] timestep. I'll be gratefull for advice.



Steven March 25, 2008 18:46

Re: Head pressure loses problem.......
How have you set the conditions of the walls? They should be set with a value of <no slip> to simulate the friction of teh pipe walls? Cant be sure form your description but you could be pumping through a frictionless pipe!? Either that or youve invented the best pipe ever :)


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