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nobody March 27, 2008 16:09

What is happening with RMS values
Hi guys

I have been using CFX for some time now. For my LES case I am getting very high Urms, Vrms and Wrms values. I have tried every thing yet i get same result every time. Nothing is going right in my life. I am getting very depressed, any idea what is happening?? Since this new year has started everything is going down hill. I hate everything!!!!!!!

Glenn Horrocks March 27, 2008 17:35

Re: What is happening with RMS values

Disease: CFD Depression.

Symptoms: Depression separated by brief moments of mania (when you think it might actually work after all), incorrect LES RMS velocity values.

Cure: Divide the Urms by two and things improve markedly.


After you have sorted out your medical problems you might explain a little more about what you are trying to model. You never know, we might be able to help.

Glenn Horrocks

nobody March 27, 2008 18:39

Re: What is happening with RMS values
Even if I divide by two rms values are still no where close to experimental data. You know what guys I dont even wanna exist. I dont even know what I am doing here. First I need to figure out what is purpose of my life.

I know you are CFD engineer Glenn and perhaps you have little knowledge of philosophy. Can you please tell me what is purpose of your life? If you can help me out with this one I will be really grateful.

Usman March 28, 2008 14:59

Re: What is happening with RMS values
In my humble opinion the purpose of our lives is to serve one true God. I think God has sent everyone of us to test us in this life. If we devout our lives to God and pass the test then we will deserve to have ever lasting life and joys of paradise in our next life. How about that! Has this helped at all?


nobody March 29, 2008 10:21

Re: What is happening with RMS values
What is the test then?

Usman March 29, 2008 16:24

Re: What is happening with RMS values
God has given us free will during the life of this world. We can either run after our desires and consider the material world to be everything or we can devout our lives to God and do something for His humanity e.g. life of Mother Teresa. In other words everyone should capiatlise on the opportunity that God has provided him in his respective field and do something for the well being of mankind.

So basically test is whether we will live for our desires or God. Choice is yours!


nick April 1, 2008 17:52

Re: What is happening with RMS values
Im starting to understand the anguish that cfd can put you through. Doing a cfd research project at uni and looking like i might have pretty much nothing to show for it after about 4months cos its bloody hard to get your head round.

Its strange how this link between cfd and philosophy has just developed because I've been thinking similar thoughts. There is a lot in life that you simply have no control over, and being a total novice to cfd, i class the inner workings of these programs as well out of my reach. Its such a vast subject with too many unknowns for me to fully understand, so when i run it there is massive element of luck as far as my reality is concerned (dont know if that will stand up to my impending university scruitiny tho).

As far as purpose of life goes, I have to side with the god crowd. Not in a religious way, but in the sense that I just have faith that life wouldn't be worth creating/coming into existence if there were no purpose to it.

In a practical here-and-now sense, I suggest you have a look at at a book called buddhism without beliefs by steven batchelor (dont scoff this buddhism stuff is actually quite clever). Its not an answer but its quite practical

anyway, back to see if my solution has got anything to do with what im researching

Good luck with the depression m8- nothing lasts forever

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