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john April 2, 2008 06:14

Icem: Hexa-Mesh
Hej, I'd like to hexa-mesh (I need a high aspect ratio) the space between two cylinders. My first approach was to split the blocks, delete the central one and mesh. This is the result: When I try to make an o-grid to orthogonalize the mesh around the surfaces, Icem fails to mesh the volume. There are "degenerated edges" reported and Icem advices me to save my work and close the app. Second approach: Make an o-grid out of the initial block, associate edges etc. But Icem fails to mesh the volume: Splitting the o-grid into two doesn't help either... I need some advice how to mesh this correctly. Thanks for helping out!

Btw, this is not covered in the tutorials or in the online help...

myron April 2, 2008 11:12

Re: Icem: Hexa-Mesh
Sometimes in cases like these, the center of the face is cannot determine where to project. Try moving the block vertices (corners) onto the appropriate geometry before computing the pre-mesh. Can you also post pictures of just the blocking structure?

john April 2, 2008 11:28

Re: Icem: Hexa-Mesh
Well, this is the hexa-blocking with the center blocks removed:

Here is the blocking with two o-grids (based on the procedures described in the elbow-part tutorial):

Thanks for helping out...

lian April 2, 2008 14:08

Re: Icem: Hexa-Mesh
you can try to use the "associate face to surface" option, make an associate between face and the "disappeared "surface. then the surface will be recognised, and pre-mesh again

john April 3, 2008 07:28

Re: Icem: Hexa-Mesh
Thank you, lian! It really worked! I associated the faces with the part - et voilá! Thanks a lot! You made my day!

john April 3, 2008 09:49

Well, the pre-mesh seemed to be okay. I adjusted node spacing and bunching. Trying to show the cut-planes generates "a fatal error". Icem reports zero elements in the mesh. Any ideas?

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