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richard April 8, 2008 15:43

radiation of molton liquid metal in enclosure
Dear experts:

I am considering the steady-state radiation heat transfer from a molton liquid metal pool in an enclosure. The liquid metal has a known fixed surface located about half height of the enclosure.

Q1: My concern is the radiation heat transfer from the high-temperature liquid surface. I couldn't find surface-to-surface radiation option in CFX so I tried to include air with very low conductivity in the space between the liquid surface and the inner enclosure wall but I don't want to include any flow between the liquid and air phases. Is this the right approach for radiation heat transfer in this case? Also, I can't treat the liquid metal pool as a solid domain cause the natural convection in the liquid pool is under consideration.

Q2: I found I can only assign one fluid, either liquid or air, to both the liquid and air domains at the same time. I definitely have multiphase license.

Looking forward to your help!

Thanks and Regards, Richard

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