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vijay April 9, 2008 05:10

What is Periodic condition??
Dear friends,

I am trying to simulate "flow over an infinite flat plate". I am taking a plate of unit width. I think I have to use "interface domain" BC to solve this. It asks to specify 2 regions in that. I have (a)inlet (b)outlet (c)symmetry & (d)wall-no slip boundary conditions. (c) & (d) are in between (a) & (b).

Questions: Which boundary is periodic?? Which regions I have to specify for "interface domain" as region-1 & region-2 ? At the same time, I have some known velocity at the inlet.

Plz reply.

Usman April 9, 2008 06:12

Re: What is Periodic condition??
(a) and (b) should be specified as periodic. You can decompose the symmtery into two symmteries and specify that as periodics as well.

You will have to specify a mass flow rate or pressure gradient to sustian the flow in domain.

- Usman

Vijay April 10, 2008 08:40

Re: What is Periodic condition??
Thanks Osman. But, once if I specify "inlet" & "outlet" as "region 1" & "region 2" periodic interfaces, I will not be able to apply any mass flow rate, pre grad or velocity etc. How can I apply these at inlet/outlet??

Usman April 10, 2008 09:44

Re: What is Periodic condition??
You will have to activate mass and momentum box on domain interface form and then specify pressure gradient or mass flow rate.


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