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Andrey April 9, 2008 11:06

ICEM periodicity nodes after mesh generation...
Standard situation: 0. I have periodic geometry sector 30deg (it's can be mirrored by half) 1. I made the half of mesh in HEXA (30deg/2=15deg), 2. Then i generate unstructured mesh and mirror of it in the MED. Now i have full periodic (but only geometricaly)sector 30deg. 3. I need mark all nodes in ICEM as periodic! It's crazy to do it by pair of nodes.

Whether somebody knows how to do two nodes sets periodicity?

Kostetzer April 9, 2008 18:16

Re: ICEM periodicity nodes after mesh generation..
1) define the mesh periodicity mesh/global mesh setup/Set up periodicity

2) define the vertices ( from blocks ) with are periodic blocking/edit block / define periodic vertices

3) generate the pre mesh

4) convert to unstructured mesh

5) check mesh/ periodic problems

Andrey April 10, 2008 02:25

I mean not this
I know about this tehnology.

I mean the case when you need build mesh in HEXA without of periodicity. And after make the mirror copy of half mesh about of plane. In this case you have the periodicity on two opposite side about of symmetry plane.

But ICEM not understand these two opposite side as sides with periodicity. Easy way make periodic conditions on each of pair nodes, but i have 10000 pair of nodes.

May be is it possible to use a special options or a script for do this? Is anybody have an experience in this?

myron April 10, 2008 11:37

Re: I mean not this
No simple way to do it at the mesh level. Best to go back to your blocking and mark the periodic vertices there - and re-create the unstructured mesh. Also - it's probably best to build the hexa model for the mesh you want to run. It's possible that the mirroring may break the periodicity setup... You could test that on a small model.

CycLone April 10, 2008 13:08

Re: I mean not this
Hi Andrey,

If you created a mesh on half the sector and mirrored it, there is no need to specify periodicity. The periodic pair, in this case, would be periodic by virtue of the fact they are the same mesh simply mirrored.

ICEM CFD only needs to know about periodicity to create the mesh. Since you have already created the mesh, there is no need to specify periodicity in ICEM CFD, only in the physics pre-processor (what code are you using?).


Andrey April 11, 2008 02:52

Re: I mean not this
Hello! I build the mesh, only. But my foreign colleagues, us I understand, use the ICEM as preprocessor for CFX (or STAR-CD) (may be, they not have a big experience, i dont know). And demand from me implementation of ICEM periodicity condition in mesh. Any case I believe in possibility to do it in ICEM! But I dont know how :( Please, anybody HELP me!!!

Rohit Kumar Batra April 21, 2008 08:41

Re: I mean not this
try mirroring the geometry and blocks! then create the mesh.

this may help in your case, not sure!

Andrey April 22, 2008 15:04

Yes, I do it now.
Yes, Now I mirror geom(tetin) and then mirror blocks + make periodic condition on mirrored blocking. But it's not so good to, because I have some complecs structure of blocking :(

venkat_aero2007 May 1, 2012 17:11

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