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Young April 14, 2008 23:40

[Geometry]Simple Room Model
Dear Friends,

I would like to simulate a HVAC model for a single room with windows on the exterior wall.

However, I have no idea how I do make a geometry model for the room.

As you know, there is a similar model in tutorial 6 of CFX documents but it does not have a geometry file(it starts only a Mesh model).

How do I model the room has 6 surface walls (EXTRUDE or thin surface), how do I make windows on the wall and how do I make a heat source like a radiator panel on the wall?

Please help me…

Thank for your attention,

andy2O April 15, 2008 13:16

Re: [Geometry]Simple Room Model
Instead of the "CFX" tutorials, you need to look at the "CFX-Mesh" tutorials. These describe geometry creation with DesignModeler and meshing with CFX-Mesh.

They are in a different place to the CFX tutorials! If you have ANSYS CFX 10 or 11, then:

- Launch ANSYS Workbench.

- Goto the Workbench help menu (*NOT* the CFX help menu)

- Goto the section on CFX-Mesh

- Goto the "Tutorial" sub-section of the CFX-Mesh help.

- Follow several of the tutorials. They are quite good and will teach you what you need to know about both geometry building in DesignModeller and meshing in CFX-Mesh.

Also, you need to look at the DesignModeler help for more details. I suggest you download and print the CFX-Mesh and DesignModeler documentation PDF files from the ANSYS Customer Portal, as they are easier to use than the online help.

Regards, Andy

Young April 15, 2008 14:19

Re: [Geometry]Simple Room Model
Thanks andy2O... ^______^

Rogerio Fernandes Brito April 15, 2008 21:38

Re: [Geometry]Simple Room Model
"...I suggest you download and print the CFX-Mesh and DesignModeler documentation PDF files from the ANSYS Customer Portal..." where is this site from?

andy2O April 16, 2008 04:40

Re: [Geometry]Simple Room Model
Rogerio Fernandes Brito wrote: "where is this site from?"

Go to, then look for the links to the customer portal from the front page. You need your ANSYS customer number, and you need to set up an account (give your email etc), but once you have done so this it is a useful place.


Rogerio Fernandes Brito April 16, 2008 07:46

Re: [Geometry]Simple Room Model
Please, send it for us using

andy2O April 16, 2008 08:43

Re: [Geometry]Simple Room Model
Sorry - not possible.

andy2O April 16, 2008 08:45

Re: [Geometry]Simple Room Model
Sorry - not possible to send this file. Copyright prohibits this.

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