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Mareike April 19, 2008 08:47

Shock wave - how?
Hi there,

I want to plot the shock waves and the expansion waves of a flow around a flat plate. The simulation is done... How can I plot that inside CFX Post? I want to see the different angles.

Thanks a lot! Mareike

Glenn Horrocks April 20, 2008 18:24

Re: Shock wave - how?

Have a look at tutorial 8, Supersonic flow over a wing.

Glenn Horrocks

Mareike April 20, 2008 19:54

Re: Shock wave - how?
hi glenn,

thanks a lot!

ehm... what must i do to see the skin friction?

Glenn Horrocks April 21, 2008 18:46

Re: Shock wave - how?

This tutorial has a free slip boundary on the wing so you won't get any skin friction. You will have to rerun it with a no-slip wing to get skin friction. Also note to get accurate skin friction you will need a much finer mesh than the tutorials use.

Glenn Horrocks

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