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Rogerio Fernandes Brito April 21, 2008 19:43

Volume hexa mesh
Hi friends,

I am trying to do a volume hexa mesh using ICEM CFD of this geometry ( ) but things are giving wrong. ICEM CFD send me a message that i can not have a volume mesh. I am exporting the mesh (cfx5) to ANSYS CFX (CFX-Pre) solver. What am I doing of wronging way?

Andrew April 22, 2008 08:43

Re: Volume hexa mesh
I can't access rapidshare due to proxy settings, so I can't see your geometry.

What do you mean by "things are giving wrong"? What is the message exact ICEM is reporting? How are you trying to generate the mesh? Are you using one of the tetrahedral meshers and converting to hex, or are you blocking the geometry?

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