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Jaloha April 26, 2008 03:49

Both Hexa & Tetra to the same Geometry?
Hi,every 1.

I am now setting a 3D Duct geometry(the cross section is rectangle shaped) and the duct itself is squarely shaped, which is very suitable for Hexa meshing, but there're twenty thin and tilting dampers hanging inside it, which can easily lead to poor quality hexa mesh.

Thus, I am wondering if I can apply both Hexa and Tetra Meshing for the different parts of the same Geometry. To be exact, Tetra for the regions where these dampers are, and Hexa for the left ones. Anyone can tell me if my opinion is feasible? If Yes, then How?

Thanks very much!

Glenn Horrocks April 27, 2008 19:53

Re: Both Hexa & Tetra to the same Geometry?

Yes this can be done. It is very easy in Workbench, you just set it up as a multibody part. Alternately you can mesh them totally separately and join it with GGI interfaces.

Glenn Horrocks

Jaloha April 28, 2008 05:30

Re: Both Hexa & Tetra to the same Geometry?
Hi,Glenn Horrocks,thanks for your reply.

I have referred to the CFX Help File about GGI after reading your suggestions. What troulbes me now is how to do the blocking step for generating Hexa mesh. To make it easy, consider a hexahedron geometry with the size 12*4*4(x*y*z),which is evenly divided into three hexahedrons along the x-direction, each one being with a size 4*4*4 . If I want to apply Hexa mesh on the left and right hexahedrons, and Tetra mesh on the middle one, then how can I do the blocking step? And after that how can I mesh them separately?

Shall I guess that I have to draw the separate three hexahedrons in three different .tin file, for example, each one with a different name left.tin,middle.tin,and right.tin,then mesh them separately in the different ICEM project files, using different mesh methods. After each mesh has generated, import them one by one in CFX, then use GGI to realize mesh connection.

I'm not sure if my opinion is alright,could you give me any advice with more details? Thanks very much!

siw April 28, 2008 05:46

Re: Both Hexa & Tetra to the same Geometry?
I'm also trying to use both hexahedrons and tetrahedrons in a mesh.

It was recommended to me to use import the DesignModeller geometry into Workbench which should open up Meshing. As I have CFX-Mesh as the default meshing application, I needed to set up a new mesh method in Meshing for the hexahedrons. Which I've done.

But now I'm not sure what to do. I guess I still use CFX-Mesh for the tetra elements and Meshing for the hex elements but how do I save it all as one CMDB and GTM file?


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