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Pankaj April 29, 2008 09:06

Axial Compressor CFD-Help needed
Dear All,

I have no prior experience of periodic simulations. As Axial Compressors have more than 30 blades in a single rotor plus it requires Guide vanes,Stator means for a 360 deg case it will have more than 100 blades in a single stage.Thus mesh gets too huge.

So one must do periodic simulation.But with different No.of blades in stator,rotor & Guide Vanes can we analyse a single stage using Rotational Periodicty?(since for a frozon rotor interface areas doesnt match)

I am trying it,but solver gets overflow.I m stuck with the situation.Can anybody pull me out of this situation.

Thanks for your precious time.

Andrew April 29, 2008 13:29

Re: Axial Compressor CFD-Help needed
How many blades are on each component and how do they align?

In order for there to be periodicity, the numbers of all the features around the axis must share a common factor. For instance, if you have 32 blades on your rotor and 7 guide vanes, your geometry won't be periodic regardless of the orientation of the rotor. If any component does not exhibit periodicity, then the geometry as a whole does not.

I understand the frustration as I am currently working with a simulation that would be 1/4 symmetric, except for one feature that exists in only 1 quadrant. As a result I can not use any symmetry on my geometry containing over 3,000 surfaces so my mesh contains over 20,000,000 cells.

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