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Christoph Raith May 3, 2008 09:30

compression molding in cfx

I'm a German student doing my diploma thesis in Sydney. One part is supposed to be a simulation with ANSYS CFX 11. Unfortunately I don't have any books and I'm a rookie concerning CFD simulations. I understand the basics of the software and tried a lot of things already. I used the modeler and mesher. I worked my way through all the tutorials but can't really get it working. So I hope to find any help I can get.

I want to simulate a compression moulding process for sheet moulding compounds (SMC) in a matched die mould. I need to model a simple rectangular mould cavity with e.g. half of it (already) filled with the SMC. Then "compress" it, so that the compound flows to fill the cavity.

My problem starts already with modeling the two phases in a mould. Do I have to use subdomains, is it even possible to model sth without having a flow "through" boundaries?

There is no leakage, the air, however, is allowed to exit through a porous boundary condition. I thought to use the moving boundary to compress the material (const. velocity).

To keep it short...I'd need some basic tips I reckon. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me. My email:

Thank you very much. Regards Chris

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