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Kushagra May 6, 2008 18:56

Eulerian-Eulerian for 1% dispersed phase

I am wondering if the Eulerian-Eulerian approach can give good results for a system that has the dispersed phase concentration very small (just 1%).

For some reasons, I do not want to use Lagrangian model for this problem.

Could any body suggest me the suitability of E-E approach for this problem?

Thanks, Kushagra

Mehul May 23, 2008 04:03

Re: Eulerian-Eulerian for 1% dispersed phase

I would like to answer this question in some different way. The selectivity between E-E and lagrangian is as follows.

If your particle in flow doesn't impart any momentum while in motion to your continuos phase, then go for E-E approach.

And If you particles are large enough to impart momentum forces on your continuos flow while in motion. (i.e. Size and density of particle material is considerably higher)then go for lagrangian approach.

Regards Mehul

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