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yuan May 6, 2008 23:38

creat a new material -blood in CFX-pre HELP!
anybody who can tell me how to creat a material such as blood as Fixed Composition Mixture ? looking forwards!

Andrew May 7, 2008 07:32

Re: creat a new material -blood in CFX-pre HELP!
Right-click on "Materials" and add new. Use this to create all the necessary components of the mixture. Then create a new mixture in the same way, but this time choose "Fixed Composition Mixture". For the components, click the button next to the components list to bring up a list of all the materials. Hold Ctrl and click on all of the components to select. Fill out all the necessary options.

yuan May 11, 2008 00:57

Re: creat a new material -blood in CFX-pre HELP!
Thanks sincerely ! i'll try

hesamking March 29, 2012 14:42

dear Sir,
Could you be able to create blood in CFX?
could you please explain what you did and what components you took?

cpkewat January 8, 2013 15:14

please help
I working with ANSYS CFX. and simulating a stratified flow in straight pipe. but facing so many problem in CFX-Pre.
prob: a 44mm(id)X50 mm(od).X1000mm(L) horizontal pipe initially filled with 50 degree water and .001m/s water at250 degree start flowing in side the pipe operating pressure is 17MPa. ambient temperature in 37 degree. and heat transfer through pipe also taking place.
so for steady state laminar flow simulation, what should be the
1. reference temp. ?
2. relative pressure ?
3. reference temp. ?
4.buoyancy reference temperature and Density. ?
5.static pressure.?

plz help me..and repy as soon as possible..
and thanx in advance..

ghorrocks January 8, 2013 18:13

Please start a new thread for a new question.

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