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Farid May 21, 2008 04:12

Transient Rotor Stator Model
Hi, I am trying to run an unsteady case using frozen rotor. Do I need to set the frame as Rotating frame in Global Initialization?

# I also tried with Transient Rotor Stator model instead of Frozen Rotor model. But in that case it is rotating the rotor domain around the origin(i.e. origin point is the pivot ). But I made the center point of the rotor domain at different location and the pivot should not be the origin in my case.

Is there any suggestion for changing the pivot of the rotor domain?



Mehul May 22, 2008 23:32

Re: Transient Rotor Stator Model

When ever you specify, the rotating domain, It will ask you the rotation and the axis around which it should rotate. Now if you set the frozen rotor for this then, virtually when you make movie file you will not able see as you rotor is rotating. And If you set transient rotor stator, then you will be able see the rotor is rotating. Depending the interest , people generally use any of two stated above.

HekLeR May 23, 2008 21:37

Re: Transient Rotor Stator Model
Just specify an axis using two points or a coordinate frame axis that does not go through 0,0,0.

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