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Kushagra May 29, 2008 15:42

Auto Mesh refinement in CFX

I have generated a coarse mesh. Now I want to refine the mesh. Is it possible to in CFX such that every cell gets split in two or more cells? I guess Fluent has this feature. But not sure about CFX.

My mesh is Hexa and I do not want to use Mesh Adaption as it will generate TET elements. Besides that Mesh Adaption is not supported for the transient problems.

Can somebody suggest some idea?

Thank, Kushagra

Glenn Horrocks May 30, 2008 00:27

Re: Auto Mesh refinement in CFX

This has to be done in the meshing software. ICEM can split an existing mesh like this, but if it was done in Workbench you will need to regenereate a new mesh.

Glenn Horrocks

Kushagra May 30, 2008 01:38

Re: Auto Mesh refinement in CFX
Thanks Glenn. Yes, The mesh was generated using ICEM. But I just have the definition file (*def) which I got from some other person. Now I am wondering if I can import the mesh in ICEM using this definition file ? Please suggest. Kushagra

Kostetzer May 30, 2008 22:22

Re: Auto Mesh refinement in CFX

You should import the mesh in ICEM File/Import Mesh/From CFX5 and select the .def file. After that go to Edit Mesh/Refine Coarsen and select one option.


CycLone June 1, 2008 21:00

Re: Auto Mesh refinement in CFX
I would just refine the original mesh you had in ICEM CFD, there's no need to load the .def file unless you deleted your ICEM CFD files. You can then "reload" the mesh in CFX and run your simulation with the new mesh.


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