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sandhesh June 2, 2008 23:36

cfx solver error
my problem is iam trying to solve a multiple domain heat exchanger ,ie fluid-solid -fluid interface problem.

i changed in cfx pre the "NOCONSTANTPHYSICS" variable value to 1, such that i could create multiple fluid domain in cfx pre,with two different fluid properties.

but while solving in solver it shows me Error in subroutine "FNDVAR" : Error finding variable DENSITY_FL2 GETVAR originally called by subroutine GET_MFLOIP_ZIF .

What to do for this,if there is any way to overcome this error,iam using ansys cfx 10

Mehul June 3, 2008 06:57

Re: cfx solver error
It seems that one of the material you have defined have not been incorporated with density. Because the value of density is need during conjugate heat transfer analysis.

sandhesh June 3, 2008 08:09

Re: cfx solver error
yes iam sure i specified density for all fluids separately,but iam facing that error in solver,

if any one solved such type of multiple fluid domain problem in cfx 10 without error

lee June 6, 2008 10:13

Re: cfx solver error
i exactlly have the same problem for 2 doamins, 1 is single phase and the other is 2-phase ...

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