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Robert Stevens June 4, 2008 05:58

Using variables from monitor points with CEL
Can anyone help me to extract values from a monitor point in CFX (Ansys 11) so they can be used in an expression in cfx-pre? I am simulating the movements of a bridge in a flow, and I want to use the vertical displacements and velocities of a monitor point, to solve the basic equations for forced vibrations of the system. The simulation is very similar to tutorial 20 where the equation of motion is discretized to include an expression for the updated displacement of the ball. I have tried formulations like:

Total Mesh Displacement Y ()@MonitorPoint2


Velocity v () @MonitorPoint2

These values are supposed to go into a specified displacement of the bridge deck, but cfx returns an error:

The function name 'Velocity v' is not recognised. The function name 'Total Mesh Displacement Y' is not recognised.

I must be doing something wrong. Can anybody help?

hsr June 25, 2008 02:04

Re: Using variables from monitor points with CEL
Velocity v and Total Mesh Displacement are no functions but variables. You need a function like probe(<variable>)@<point> to obtain your desired variable values: probe(Velocity v)@Monitor Point Y

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