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Lorenzo June 18, 2008 04:49

Turbine film cooling simulation
Dear all, I am a PhD student of Genoa University. I am trying to simulate the flow inside a multistage axial turbine, including film cooling effects. The best way to model the film cooling is surely defining a series of holes on blade surface, meshing them and setting them as a mass flow inlet. Anyway I would like to try a less expensive way in terms of time... Do you know if it is possible to model the mass sources in a both rapid and precise way? It would be very useful to manage to position a mass point source over a node of the grid, setting for this source a "hole diameter", an "overall flow direction" and maybe area averaged values of turbulence, temperature and so on. Do you think this is possible in CFX? What do you advise me to do to set mass sources on my blade surface to simulate the cooling?

Thanh you for your kind answer Best regards,


pedrin84 September 9, 2010 12:13

how do you do?. Can help me to draw gas turbine cooled blades in the software ANSYS 12.0 CFX, in the Bladedesign or BladeGen, in WORKBENCH, I am trying to simulate in ANSYS CFX 12.0 with gas turbine blades with film cooling and impingement cooling. do you have any handbook or manual of Bladedesign or BladeGen 12.0 ?. I appreciate any response. I am student in mechanichal engineering. Greetingsˇˇˇ

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