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Francois June 20, 2008 09:49

ICEM-CFD Geometry Export
Hi, I have a mesh, from wich I generated a geometry through mesh->facets with ICEM-CFD. Now I need to export this geometry, and it doesn't work, not with IGES nor with Parasolid. That is, some simpler surfaces do get exported, but most are just ignored. Is there another way to export this geometry to Design Modeler/ Ansys? I can generate the mesh in most formats if necessary. I tried also redoing the surfaces from parametrized curves (instead of mesh curves), to no avail. Thanks,


Pratik Mehta June 22, 2008 14:33

Re: ICEM-CFD Geometry Export
which software are you using to view your converted CAD faces. I had used ANSA , and it had no problem in my case except that it took lots of time to read such file from ICEMCFD

rohit June 30, 2008 11:25

Re: ICEM-CFD Geometry Export
I hope you need to look into other options rather than icemcfd because it is not meant for that, and it will not give a good export mostly..

na_white_tiger September 7, 2012 09:18

I got the same problem too. I tried to export a geometry and some surfaces got filtered out. I don't know the reason up till now. Maybe, we have to find out how to turn off this filter things. :mad:

ghorrocks September 8, 2012 07:19

I repeat the previous posts in the thread - ICEM is not good for geometry modelling. The only reason you should be adding geometry in ICEM is just to help meshing. There should be no need to export geometry from ICEM.

Why do you want to export geometry from ICEM?

na_white_tiger September 9, 2012 04:54

Actually, I first started meshing in ICEM. Now I have to start over in Ansys Workbench, which means using Design Modeller to modify the geometry and Meshing to mesh. I only have 1 .tin file of the geometry that I want to mesh and Design Modeller can not read it. That's why I want to use ICEM to export this geometry into .iges or igs which DM can read. If you know other way to convert the geometry file .tin to .iges/.igs which is less troublesome, please let me know. Thank you very much.

fluidflow September 9, 2012 15:17

i use icem for modeling and meshing 2D geometry and i think it dose not have any problem
if your geomety is 2D so tell me what is it i mesh airfoil and cavity with icem

na_white_tiger September 9, 2012 16:22

@fluidflow: I have a complicate 3D geometry:(

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