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Amit Roghs June 23, 2008 23:39

Axial Thrust in a Radial Turbine
How do we calculate axial thrust in a radial turbine in cfx-post?

I have a case of Francis Turbine in which I want to calculate Axial Thrust along the direction of rotation.


Amit Roghs

dia aisa June 24, 2008 07:24

how can i get performace of axial turbine in CFX-p
dear all plaese how can i get performance of axial turbine in CFX-post. i used macro calculater in cfx-post. but the results is not there any different method to calculate the eff , power, torqou or any variable from cfx-post

Amit Roghs June 24, 2008 10:40

Re: how can i get performace of axial turbine in C
Input Power = ((Total Pressure in Stn Frame at Inlet)-(Total Pressure in Stn Frame at Outlet))*Discharge

Output Power = Torque on Runner Blades *2*pi*N/60

Efficiency = Output Power/Input Power

Each of the above terms in each power are need to be calculated using Function Calculator. Torque is also available in the function library.

In the option go to massflowavgabs and then calculate Total Pressure in Stn Frame for inlet as well as outlet.


Amit Roghs

Edward! May 31, 2010 16:47


Someone Know how can I mesh in gambit a profile of a gas turbine please
I have to grid a profile like this image:(||

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