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Ale July 1, 2008 08:37

Fluent and CFX

I know that Fluent has joined ANSYS, and I heard that next year a new CFD code will be launched, resulting from the merging of Fluent and CFX.

Does anyone know details on the expected features of the new code, especially for what concerns the post-processing and run of old Fluent and CFX simulations with the new code?

If you had to start a new modeling work now, provided that you have both Fluent and CFX licenses available, would you use Fluent or CFX? Which criteria would you take into account to take a decision?

Thank you very much in advance!


Glenn Horrocks July 2, 2008 18:19

Re: Fluent and CFX

It is too early to speculate on anything like that. In V12 all components of CFX and Fluent will be brought together in workbench, meaning data can be more easily transferred between the two packages but they are still stand-alone packages.

Which code to use? As always use the one which best models what you want to do now. Don't try to second guess what ANSYS will do in 12 months time as you are bound to be disappointed.

Glenn Horrocks

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