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Student July 3, 2008 12:22

How to install CFX in Ubuntu-Linux OS ????
Hi, I have CFX installed in Windows. But now, the department is thinking to switch over LINUX-Ubunto. Can I install it in linux?? PLZ help me.. Thank you..

Amit Roghs July 7, 2008 06:48

Re: How to install CFX in Ubuntu-Linux OS ????
Yes you can do it.

You need to have the setup file for linux.

If having a licensed version then ask Ansys People else many are available with crack on net.


Amit Roghs

Rogerio Fernandes Brito July 11, 2008 20:35

Re: How to install CFX in Ubuntu-Linux OS ????
can i use the license file (using in windows) for linux Suse?

Amit Roghs July 12, 2008 00:24

Re: How to install CFX in Ubuntu-Linux OS ????
Dear Pal,

I have installed the linux setup on the linux platform.

But I am not successful to install the license file on the machine.

I generated the license file on Windows platform & was trying to use it on Linux platform but it did not work.

We need to find a crack for that.


Amit Roghs

faisal_durr January 17, 2011 06:50

Help with ANSYS installation on LINUX
Dear Amit Roghs,

I am quite new to LINUX. I have got LINUX mandriva installed on a uni pc. I need to now install ansys cfx with the workbench on it. I have downloaded both the installation and lincence package from the ansys website as i am using a licenced version. Could you plz tell me how you install ansys on linux? I know its not your usual double click on the install file like windows and you have to go to console to do it. Could you plz tell me a step by step way of installing it? I would really really be grateful to you for this. Thanks in advance :-)

Lance January 17, 2011 09:20

See this thread. I doesnt seem to be easy to get everything working...

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