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deus July 4, 2008 10:49

drag in cfx (important)
hi all, how about with drag calculation in CFX ? Is it calculation with all componen drag (viscous drag, pressure drag, induced drag)? So, how to calculate induced drag in CFX ? thanks all

regards, deus

Glenn Horrocks July 6, 2008 22:53

Re: drag in cfx (not important)

If you use the force_x CEL expressions or the force calculator in CFX-Post then you get the total force on that face. You can calculate viscous drag by integrating wall shear over a surface. You can calculate pressure drag by integrating pressure over a surface.

Glenn Horrocks

ps: I hate postings which claim to be "important" or "urgent". If you have an important or urgent problem then talk to CFX support. We only post here because we like helping people with CFD and no-one is getting paid to do it.

deus July 8, 2008 21:50

Re: drag in cfx (not important)
thank you for your information Mr. Glenn and I'm so sorry for inconvenience when you read my message.

regards, deus

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