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Nav July 14, 2008 02:29

Overall heat transfer coefficient
Hi all

I would like to have a plot of overall heat transfer coefficient for my problem.If there was any defined variable for me to plot it in CFX-post.

i have seen a variable like Wall heat transfer coefficient if it works?? But by using that variable i guess i could not get the correct plot

Could anyone suggest plz-- or if any expression needed for it to define to have user defined variable?if so plz kindly help in it too.

Thanks in advance

Sally July 14, 2008 15:27

Re: Overall heat transfer coefficient
If you have a heat transfer boundary defined in your simulation, the .res file will return and overall heat transfer co-efficient value. This will be a combination of the wall heat transfer co-efficient you defined in the pre file and the inside co-efficient. If you plot this, it will look fairly ugly because it only has one datapoint for each mesh cell. Hope that helps, Sally.

Nav July 15, 2008 08:57

Re: Overall heat transfer coefficient
hi Sally

thanks for the response... but i had seen a variable Wall heat transfer coefficient ,what it would be ..i mean is it an plot of heat transfer coefficient .that means if it could be used for reverse caliculation of Q= h *A *(delT)

if it works.... kindly respond thanks in advance

Nav July 15, 2008 09:01

Re: Overall heat transfer coefficient
hi I had defined interface boundaries for air and conjugate heat transfer domain ,,So in postprocessor if i could expect Overall heat transfer coefficient variable..??

But i didnt find no such variable ,i found only wall heat transfer coefficient... Kindly say the way to get that overall heat transfer coefficient variable

thanks in advance

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