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Gilles July 24, 2008 15:56

Laminar bubble separation
Hi everybody,

I am actually simulating the flow over a 3d wing using the transition model in CFX. My Y+ at the wall are less than 1 except at the near leading edge. I found a laminar separation bubble at 0 angle of attack at about 60% of the chord on the succion side. Could this be possible ??? Furthermore, on the pressure side, the transition occurs earlier as in the succion side. I think that this could be a numerical error. Has someone any idea ?

Thanks ! That would be very helpful !


Glenn Horrocks July 24, 2008 21:57

Re: Laminar bubble separation

Looks like you read my previous posting on laminar separation bubbles.

Possible at 60% chord? Yes.

Transition earlier on pressure side than suction side? Yes. If you have an asymmetric airfoil and you are running it at zero lift then it is likely the pressure side transition will be earlier.

Looks like you need to read some textbooks on airfoil design theory. Time to visit the library.

Glenn Horrocks

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