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CFDLife July 29, 2008 15:51

Queueing the simulations
I am running my simulations on Intel dual core processor (windows based). I have parallel licensing.

Is there a way I can queue up a few runs, so that the machine can keep working even when i am away?

Thanks in advance

Toralf July 30, 2008 04:05

Re: Queueing the simulations

CFDLife July 31, 2008 09:36

Re: Queueing the simulations
Thanks, i will try to implement this, will keep u updated.

CFDLife August 1, 2008 17:03

Re: Queueing the simulations
I followed exactly how Chirag has described. IT DID NOT WORK.

Can someone throw light on this please

Toralf August 4, 2008 09:33

Re: Queueing the simulations
Okay, here is an example.

cfx5solve.exe -def FILENAME.def -start-method "PVM Local Parallel" -part 2 -s 3.3

1. for every file one line 2. put these lines in editor 3. change the file extension from *.txt in *.bat 4. start the batch-file in command line modus in the same directory where you saved the batch-file and where are the def-files 5. you can open the solver monitor window to check the run

p.s. -s 3.3 is memory allocation factor (you can choose other)

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