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CFDLife July 31, 2008 09:36

2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX

I have been doing 3d simulations with ANSYS CFX. Now, i want to solve a CFD heat transfer problem using a 2D simulation (the 3d is very complicated and time consuming).

For 3D, i would create my fluids model in designmodeler and mesh in CFX Mesh and then set it up in CFX-Pre and run it.

For 2D, when i create the Designmodeleer geometry, and click on NEW MESH, it does not take me to the regular CFX Mesh page, but another meshing page, where i can mesh it in 2D. But i am confused as to how to set up BCs and run this simulation. I can't import this 2d mesh in CFX-Pre.

Am i doing something wrong here, Please Help.

John July 31, 2008 10:44

Re: 2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX
Are you using Workbench? Which version? Is your model truly 2D? CFX can't solve a truly 2D model; it needs a model with some finite thickness. For example, if I wanted to run a flat plate I would create the model to have some small thickness, say 0.001" or a millimeter. When you mesh you then have to specify the mesh as an "extruded 2D mesh."

Hope this helps!


CFDLife July 31, 2008 11:39

Re: 2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX
Yes, I am using workbench (Release 11.0)

Yes, the model is truly 2D.

As per your suggestion, i created the same model with a thickness of 0.003 mm. Then i Click on CREATE MESH, and it gives me an error saying - "No Valid Bodies Found".

Where do i locate the option - extruded 2d mesh?

John July 31, 2008 11:46

Re: 2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX
In the mesher it will be on the menu tree under Mesh>Options. Change "advancing front and inflation" to "extruded 2D mesh"

MAB July 31, 2008 16:12

Re: 2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX
you could use a thickness of about 0.001 or 0.01 m . when you click on mesh , if it doesn't take you straight to CFX Mesh then you should right clich on mesh then insert Method. and choose method type to CFX Mesh. then right click on it and click Edit in CFX Mesh . for extruded 2D Mesh you could look into tutorials.


Rogerio Fernandes Brito July 31, 2008 17:27

Re: 2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX
Mr. CDFLite, could you send me your mesh? I would like to help you, if you want it.


MSN: Skype: rogeriofbrito

CFDLife August 1, 2008 08:03

Re: 2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX
yes, i am trying the mesh with a small thickness and i am able to mesh it as 3D now. I used to use Fluent a lot and the procedure to use a 2d and a 3d mesh was the same, so i thought the CFX would also work the same way.

My settings are already set to open in CFX Mesh as i have been working on it for a while now. It opens perfectly fine when am working on a 3D geometry.

CFDLife August 1, 2008 08:05

Re: 2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX

Thank you so much for offering your valuable time. I am being able to mesh it with a small thickness, so i should be fine. I will let you know if i run into some trouble.

Rogerio Fernandes Brito August 1, 2008 08:51

Re: 2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX
for 3d in icem cfd after in cfx-pre, use simmetry as bc on z direction with 1 mm of thickness on z direction!

CFDLife August 1, 2008 13:14

Re: 2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX
Hi Rogero-

i am emailing you my geometry, could you please look at it.

Rogerio Fernandes Brito August 1, 2008 14:04

Re: 2D Simulations in ANSYS CFX
Send the file in SolidWorks 2008 , 2007 or 2007...

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