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asder July 31, 2008 18:44

Surface tension
I am simulating flow through capillary section and interested on observing the movement of liquid - gas interface. When I set the Surface Tension Force to Continuum Surface Force, the interface is moving very slow and liquid surface diffusing into the gas medium. And when I set the Surface Tension Force to None, I am observing fairly good interface movement without diffusion. I will appreciate your comments and suggestions on this.

Glenn Horrocks August 3, 2008 18:43

Re: Surface tension

CFX is hopeless at surface tension modelling. I have done extensive testing of CFX in this area in the last few months and have found Fluent to be far better - both much faster and more accurate. I strongly recommend you change software.

Glenn Horrocks

asder August 4, 2008 09:41

Re: Surface tension
Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your answer and recommendation. I guess, I can have a chance to test the problem with the fluent as well.

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