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Riken July 31, 2008 19:40

Determine Thermal streeses by CFX module
I am trying to solve combined problem of heat transfer and CFD. i have cubical air(Fluid) domain and having Solid domain(Rotating cylinder) in the center. I have a fluid+heat flow input through a small slit cut on the wall of cubic. I have successfully run for steady state simulation for getting temperature profile in radial direction of solid cylinder. The idea is CFX 10.0 solve Navier-stoke's equation in fluid domain up to solid domain and in solid domain it solve conduction equation taking care of convection take place at the surface. I couldn't run for transient case for this problem, Can anybody tell me how can you get THERMAL STRESSES corresponding to the temperature profile obtained by CFX? Is there any facility to determine thermal stresses by this module or is it possible to link this result to any ANSYS module to get Thermal stresses? Attched is the geometry and boundary condition applied as well as temperature profile across the solid computed by CFX for your reference and better understanding it.

Glenn Horrocks August 3, 2008 18:41

Re: Determine Thermal streeses by CFX module

Need FSI. FSI is much improved in CFX11 so consider upgrading.

Glenn Horrocks

Riken August 3, 2008 20:46

Re: Determine Thermal streeses by CFX module
Can you tell me what is FSI as I am not aware of it. Is a kind of module that I need to buy? or it comes with ANSYS workbench ?

frank August 3, 2008 20:58

Re: Determine Thermal streeses by CFX module
maybe you can export your results to ansys, then you can continue to do your thermal stress analysis. In cfx solver interface press export result button.for further information please refer the corresponding part of helpfile.

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