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NITIN DEWANGAN July 31, 2008 23:45

what is GGI definition in CFX?
hello, when i am exporting ICEM file through solver. there is a text file created and it says that

""" boco file read is successfully.

nr of node in model.....

no of tetra element .000 no of prism element 0000 no of hexa element 67840 some thing like.

this mesh has block refinements. please provide GGI Definitions in CFX. ""

what should i do?

troy August 7, 2008 22:48

Re: what is GGI definition in CFX?
no sure about all those errors, but the GGI is a "general grid interface" where you can have multiple grids with faces that touch eachother. This is handy in our situations where we want to model a hydrofoil and conduct simulations at various angles, but don't want to mesh an entirly new control volume every time we want to run a new AOA. instead, we can just mesh a small cylindrical CV that contains the foil, and this small CV is inside of a larger CV. inside of CFX-PRE, we can simply "transform the mesh' and rotate to various angles. hope this helps somewhat....

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