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Scott August 1, 2008 10:33

Visualizing Mesh Quality
I have a simulation that comes pretty close to converging on RMS, but the MAX residuals for fluid momentum and turbulence aren't quite there (~1e-3). I suspect this is due to some poor quality mesh elements, or perhaps not enough refinement around area of potential recirculation. When I created the mesh (CFX-Mesh), I didn't receive any errors or warnings. However, what I'd like to do (but don't know how) is use CFX-Post to visualize the mesh elements with less-than-desirable geometry. For instance, is it possible to shade all the cells with a minimum face angle less than 15 degrees?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Tom S August 2, 2008 05:12

Re: Visualizing Mesh Quality
Hi Scott,

I've just been trying to do the same thing. The help file comes in handy here:

If you search in the CFX Post help for "Viewing the mesh statistics" you should find one page that describes adding the mesh statistics to a table in the report (which you have to do first). The next page describes setting up an isovolume to visualize all mess elements with a max face angle greater than 140degrees. If you check all the variables when setting up the table (part 1) then you can choose any of them when setting up the isovolume. Just done it myself and it worked for me... Give me a shout if you can't find the pages in the help file and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction.


Scott August 4, 2008 09:44

Re: Visualizing Mesh Quality
Excellent. I've been playing with setting up volume objects to shade the elements that are intersected by a plane, shading the elements based on the face angle variable (or a similar mesh-quality related variable), then adjusting the legend so all the "violators" are colored red. That works well, for a particular cross section. But the isovolume solution you pointed me to is more robust/informative.


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