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Nicki Parker August 13, 2008 07:01

Mass Flow Direction

I've run a simulation of two rooms separated by a thin surface with a hole in between the two. This is part of a larger solution domain. I want to measure the mass flow from room 1 in to room 2, so I have created a user surface from a points file to cover the hole between the two spaces. On the Tools tab in Post, I have calculated the mass flow, which for some cases is positive and for some, it is negative. I know the sign convention is based on positive if the direction of flow is in the direction of the surface normal, but how do I find out which way is the surface normal?

Thanks in advance,


Johnson August 13, 2008 07:24

Re: Mass Flow Direction
Create a vector using the variable Normal on the surface.

Nicki Parker August 13, 2008 09:13

Re: Mass Flow Direction
Fab. Thanks very much.

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