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ahlo August 19, 2008 16:30

How to Define Rotation Quaternion in CFX Post

I am going to make batch processing to get images from different view angle by modifying and playing session file with different view orientation data. To define the view orientation, one needs to define Rotation Quaternion (four numbers). My question: how to calculate these four numbers if I have 3 Euler angles? or other data are needed as well to produce this four-number Rotation Quaternion?

A sample session file is attached as following.

Thanks Ahlo

------------------------------------------------------- # Session file started: 2008/08/18 16:09:59 # CFX-11.0 build 2007.01.10-23.00

# To avoid unnecessary file pre-processing and modifications, include # COMMAND FILE at the top of your session file. # If it is not included, the file is assumed to be older and will be # modified for backward compatibility. COMMAND FILE: CFX Post Version = 11.0 END

VIEW:View 1 Camera Mode = User Specified CAMERA:

Option = Pivot Point and Quaternion

Pivot Point = 0, 0, 464.726

Scale = 0.00296

Pan = 0, 0

Rotation Quaternion = 0.00437162, -0.00189465, -0.0080251, 0.997973

Send To Viewer = true END


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