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Christian August 20, 2008 09:07

Airfoil simulation
Hi folks!!

I have to simulate a 2D airfoil. I generated the mesh and now I want to simulate it in CFX. Does anybody know a workshop or stuff like that which guides me trough the simulation. I donīt have any experience and so I would be glad if one could help me.

Thanks a lot in advance!!



littlelz August 20, 2008 11:30

Re: Airfoil simulation
there is a a tutorial case for supersonic flow on airfoil. you will get help from it.

good luck

Rogerio Fernandes Brito August 20, 2008 16:46

Re: Airfoil simulation
Tutorial 8: Supersonic Flow Over a Wing Introduction

This tutorial includes:

Tutorial 8 Features

Overview of the Problem to Solve

Defining a Simulation in ANSYS CFX-Pre

Obtaining a Solution using ANSYS CFX-Solver Manager

Viewing the Results in ANSYS CFX-Post

If this is the first tutorial you are working with, it is important to review the following topics before beginning:

Setting the Working Directory

Changing the Display Colors

Unless you plan on running a session file, you should copy the sample files used in this tutorial from the installation folder for your software (<CFXROOT>/examples/) to your working directory. This prevents you from overwriting source files provided with your installation. If you plan to use a session file, please refer to Playing a Session File.

Sample files referenced by this tutorial include:



Tutorial 8 Features This tutorial addresses the following features of ANSYS CFX.

Component Feature Details

ANSYS CFX-Pre User Mode General Mode Simulation Type Steady State Fluid Type Ideal Gas Domain Type Single Domain Turbulence Model Shear Stress Transport Heat Transfer Total Energy Boundary Conditions Inlet (Supersonic) Outlet (Supersonic) Symmetry Plane Wall: No-Slip Wall: Adiabatic Wall: Free-Slip Domain Interfaces Fluid-Fluid (No Frame Change) Timestep Auto Time Scale ANSYS CFX-Post Plots Contour Default Locators Vector Other Variable Details View

In this tutorial you will learn about:

Setting up a supersonic flow simulation.

Using the Shear Stress Transport turbulence model to accurately resolve flow around the wing surface.

Defining custom vector variables for use in visualizing pressure distribution.

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