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Vitali August 22, 2008 09:07

Y-Grid and turbine blades
Hi experts!

1. somebody can me explain, what is it Y-Grid and how can I create it at the end of turbine blade?

2. I need in my task create a mesh for two turbine stages including blades, coasing and shuft (turbine segment). I do conjugate heat transfer simulation and so the mesh must be generate inside blade (solid) also. If I use only O-Block around the blade, I get problems this mesh quality in region of blades edges. Is somebody did similar topic? What is the best blocking strategy for tubines geometry?

For every advice and comments I thank in advance!

Vitali August 22, 2008 09:10

Re: Y-Grid and turbine blades
in addition:

I use ICEM CFD v11 for mesh generation and my mesh is structure

Muhammad SAeed August 23, 2008 15:23

Re: Y-Grid and turbine blades
well there are a lot of solutions.for turbomachinary problems J,I,H,C types meshes alone and their combinations with each other are used. for rotor blades J grid topology is best according to my experience. I suggest u to use turbogrid for meshing instead of ICEM CFD . turbogrid is a specilized mesh generator for turbomachinay.

Vitali August 25, 2008 02:49

Re: Y-Grid and turbine blades
Hi, thanks for reply! I know, that it easier to create a mesh around blades with TurboGrid, but I need create a mesh inside blades and for casing too. Is it possible to do in TurboGrid? Do you know, how can I generate J-Grid in ICEM? May be you know some links or you have some examples for mesh generation in turbomachinery? Thanks in advance!


Muhammad SAeed August 25, 2008 14:36

Re: Y-Grid and turbine blades
Actually y grid is used at the end of turbine blade to avoid merging of two points. u wiil need to split bolck containg the blade in Y shape. I ll try to put some stuff online but in few days.

Vitali September 3, 2008 03:23

Re: Y-Grid and turbine blades
Hi Muhammad,

do you have now any time now for put some stuff about mesh generation of blades online? I have still problem with my mesh quality. Wich software are you using for mesh generation?

thanks in advance!


Muhammad SAeed September 3, 2008 13:56

Re: Y-Grid and turbine blades
I am using a gridgen, ICEM CFD and turbogrid for gridgeneration. if you explain your broblem in detail that where are u gettin problems. either u can build Y-grid Topology or its giving low quality mesh. i m not clear that wot i should place on web that ll be helpful to u. if u mail me ur problem in detail. my id is

sivarama1 June 22, 2009 06:46

3Dwind turbine rotor_cfx-11_error
Hi all,
| |
| Initial values are required for all variables in TRANSIENT runs. |
| In this simulation, no initial value was set for |
| |
| Variable : Pressure |
| Domain : rotordisc |
| |
| The value can be set using the Initial Values panel in CFX Pre. |
| |
| To bypass this message and use default solver initial values, |
| set the expert parameter "transient initialisation override = t"

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