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Marie S August 26, 2008 04:19

Mesh similar to tutorial 20
Hey'a all

In tutorial 20 (with the fortran mesh-reading option) the instructions says:

* The coordinates of the first mesh in the sequence must be identical to the initial solver-internal mesh coordinates.

* The topology (i.e., connectivity) of all meshes in the sequence does not change.

So, I have two questions: 1)How is it possible to generate a sequence of meshes since the topology needs to be the same? Should I generate one mesh, and then update the geometry and hope that the old mesh keeps the topology?

2)What format does it need to be in, to be able to use the fortran routines? I opened DeafultDomain.0 and it seems like the first row is just an integer saying how many coordinates there are, and then there are three columns with the coordinates. Is it possible to export to that format from ICEM?

best regards


Marie S August 27, 2008 04:25

Re: Mesh similar to tutorial 20
No one who knows?

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