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John August 26, 2008 22:24

User Fortran and interior node information

I'm evaluating CFX for use as a research tool for wind flow modelling. In particular, I'm going to need to be able to try different wall models, apply stress boundary conditions at the top boundary and try new turbulence models.

I've spent quite a while working through the relevant tutorials and reading the manuals (the pdf versions) and I haven't found a way to access information on the flow solution at internal points using the user fortran.

As I understand it, within a CEL function, the only values available for u, v, w are in the current LOCALE. Similarly using USER_GETVAR returns variables on the current LOCALE. (Incidentally has anyone else found that using USER_GETVAR for Velocity in a function called from a cartesian velocity boundary condition field causes the solver to crash?)

Using Junction Box Functions doesn't seem to be an option as USER_GETVAR is not valid within them.

At the very least I'd like to be able to use the values of velocity at the node points inside the boundary to calculate the current boundary condition on velocity.

Am I missing something? A colleague tells me that from within the user fortran in FLUENT you have access to the entire array of the current solution. Is that the case in CFX?

Also, having read and reread all the available information on user fortran, and having done all of the examples, I still find I have a lot of unanswered questions. Is there any other documentation available?

Thanks very much in advance John

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