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Omer August 29, 2008 07:44

Command line help
I use the following command to launch FSI run interactively

cfx5solve -interactive -def Directory\filename.def -ansys-input Directory\filename.inp

Then I choose the ANSYS Multiphysics license option manually from the solver manager.

But what if I want to laucnh this job entirely by command line, with no interactively choosing the license.

I tried to use this command....

cfx5solve -def Directory\filename.def -ansys-input Directory\filename.inp

But I end up getting this error. "An error has occurred in cfx5solve: ANSYS Solver terminated unexpectedly with return code 1792".

I also know the reason for this. The problem is it tries to run it with the ANSYS mechanical license instead of the ANSYS Multiphysics license. And returns with this code in the .stdout file.

================================================== ========= Product: ANSYS Mechanical (feature 'ansys')

Checkout failed for the above product.

FLEXlm error message:

No such feature exists. (-5,412)

Servers/license files searched:,28020@tsgsp00131.a,

(For additional licensing debug details, set the ANS_FLEXLM_DEBUG environment variable to '1' before running this product. For maximum licensing debug details, set this environment variable to '2'.)

================================================== =========

I also found out that "-ansys-license" has to be used in my command line. But the problem is, what is the command to actually specify multiphysics license.

Thanks a lot. All help is appreciated!

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