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Tom September 2, 2008 08:43

Total pressure exceeds inlet value
Hi I'm simulating vane row with different pressure ratios, I'm changing outlet pressure from subsonic to fully supersonic flow between the nozzles. I found that in some parts total pressure values are higher than at the inlet, similar total density and temperature. Problem didn't occurs on stagnation locations.

Seems that the mesh is fine, I used SST model, in regions of high total pressure I didn't find over production of turbulece viscosity. Additionally RMS <10-5, Imbalaces close to 0. What could be the reason?

HekLeR September 9, 2008 22:02

Re: Total pressure exceeds inlet value
Momentum exchange of adjacent fluid layers by shearing. i.e. one layer pushes another. I think this can happen locally even though say the mass average should be ok.

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