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Thilip Kumar September 7, 2008 23:33

How to import result data
I have run a long straight channel and got problem with meshing. So I decided to cut the channel in 10 parts and run it part by part. After run the first part, i need to copy the result data(CFX post) from the first part as input for second part in CFX solver.

I need advice for how to copy the result data. I also need help on how to setting for above action

sonja September 8, 2008 07:14

Re: How to import result data
in cfx post you define the area, where you want to export data from (probably the outlet in your case). in the "file" menu, you'll find "export". a window is opened, where you enter the location (as above, e.g. outlet) and type (BC profile). you can select the variable you want to use as boundary condition for the following simulation, e.g. pressure, velocity (scalar or vector) etc. in cfx pre, you select tools -> initialise profile data and there you enter the file name of the exported data. you can define a boundary condition for inlet, click "use profile data", browse for the exported data file and click "generate values". good luck!

Omer September 9, 2008 13:50

Re: How to import result data
Hi ,

Thats how you do it , you follow what Sonja just said.

Do keep in mind , you probably wouldn't want to export the data from your outlet of the smaller section. I am not sure what is your outlet boundary condition, so I might be wrong. If your real outlet is at say zero static pressure, and the outlet from the smaller section is at zero static pressure, then it isn't physically true. Please check your boundary conditions if this is the case, or maybe you should export the profile data at some other section upstream of the outlet.

Thilip Kumar September 9, 2008 22:02

Re: How to import result data
Thank you Sonja and Omer,

we will try to follow your advice. FYI, our outlet BC is static pressure at 1 atm.

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