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Tristan September 10, 2008 20:15

ICEM Mesh Matching
I'm trying to create a mesh in ICEM for an intake manifold and an attached port. I meshed the port fluid volume first by itself because meshing everything together produced lousy inflation layers inside the port. Is there a way I can now mesh the manifold fluid volume so that it matches the port mesh at the interface between the two?

rohit September 23, 2008 09:35

Re: ICEM Mesh Matching
Dear Tristan,

You can simply take the surface elements of the port fluid interface and select the option "Use Existing Mesh parts" in compute mesh tab and perform the tetra meshing for the manifold fluid volume. this will generate a tetra mesh which has same elements on the interface as of port interface mesh.

Tristan September 24, 2008 13:15

Re: ICEM Mesh Matching

Thanks for the advice. I tried that initially but I kept running out of memory. It did work on a small test case though.


Manith October 8, 2008 00:54

Re: ICEM Mesh Matching
Hi Tristan,

Maintain same size surface & curve for both the surfaces.

you can get same mesh distribution.


even if their is any variation, u can create an Interface Boundary condition is CFX-PRE. This ensures that values on one surface is almost same as on the other surface.


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