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laura September 11, 2008 16:47

From mesh to geometry
Hallo to anyone. Does anyone know if it is possble to create a geometry and a blocking from one mesh file? I try to explain myself, before someone thinks I am drunk: I have one definition file from cfx and i wanna change some details in the geometry, but I manage only to see the mesh in icem, and not to work about it. And time is never enough to make all from the start...

Thank you in advance.

Glenn Horrocks September 11, 2008 18:43

Re: From mesh to geometry

You can use the mesh editing functions in ICEM to change a mesh. Not sure whether you can change the blocking, I doubt it.

Glenn Horrocks

Mehul September 12, 2008 01:18

Re: From mesh to geometry

You can not change Blocking in mesh , But one thing what you can do is , You can export facets to geometry and them modify there only.

myron September 12, 2008 11:33

Re: From mesh to geometry
Assuming it is a block-structured mesh (not tets or a swept quad-paved mesh) - you can extract a blocking. Load the UNS file (block-structured mesh). File > Blocking > Load from Unstructured Mesh will extract a blocking file with node counts - but not distributions. Then you can modify the blocking. You can also do Edit > Mesh to Facets to extract a faceted geometry from the mesh.

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